Dauntless City Theatre

Classical Theatre where you least expect it

Photography by Dahlia Katz


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Starring the drinking talents of Geoffrey Armour (on Friday) and Scott Emerson Moyle (on Saturday) as Macbeth, along with:

Michael Booth          Duncan/Porter/Thane of Mentieth
Tammy Everett         Lady Macbeth/ Third Weird Sister
Melanie Hrymak      Malcolm/First Murderer
Christopher Mott    Macduff/Bloody Sergeant
Alex Plouffe                Thane of Ross/Second Murderer
Adrianna Prosser    Thane of Lennox/ Second Weird Sister
Robert Westgate      Banquo/Doctor
Louisa Zhu                  First Weird Sister/Fleance/Lady Macduff/ Gentlewoman