Dauntless City Theatre

Classical Theatre where you least expect it

Dauntless City Theatre is back for a fourth year of Drunk Shakespeare with Drunk The Tempest! Join us for one debaucherous night of magical island adventure, with one evil twist…

Prospero will have to drink his way through the performance as Shakespeare’s greatest sorcerer, and as if that wasn’t enough, he’ll take command of the Ariel puppet for much of the show. This is the most we’ve ever put on a drunk actor! Will he stumble his way to the play’s substantial final monologue? Is wizarding easier or harder after a lot of rum?


One night only: Saturday June 3, 2017. Doors and bar open at 7:00, show starts at 8:00. The bar stays open after the show and we keep the party going afterwards!


TICKETS: DrunkTheTempest.brownpapertickets.com


Starring Tom McGee in the drunken dual roles of Prospero and Ariel!


Co-starring the sober talents of:

  • Shakura Camille Dickson as Miranda
  • Sedina Fiati as Queen Alonso of Naples
  • Siobhan Richardson as Antonia
  • M. John Kennedy as Gonzalo
  • Kit Boulter as Ferdinand
  • Christopher Mott as Caliban
  • Amaka Umeh as Trinculo
  • Scott Emerson Moyle as Stephano

Stage Managed by Stevie Baker
Live music by David Kingsmill
Poster by Dahlia Katz